An artist, who has been cooking for as long he remembers.
Growing up in an Italian household your parents train and slave you in the kitchen all at the same time.
(I think now they have laws for that)
I was pitting olives at five and rolling out dough at six.
My mom and dad were always in the kitchen cooking and arguing and there I was sitting at the table waiting for my next food prep order, I used to crush the garlic with a hammer for my dad, which would be used in pickling, also I would crush the grapes for my grandfather for wine, as he had a wine cellar with huge barrels in his basement, was that legal? lol
What was really fun was all the food prep for Christmas, then I would really be working, rolling out the taralli dough with fennel seeds.
Cutting the dough for struffoli was fun but tedious, since it took hours on end.
The end result ended with me eating dozens of struffoli with honey and colored sprinkles all over my face.
I would watch my mom drop the zeppoli in the hot oil, waiting patiently for the first one to eat.
No matter what they would be doing in the kitchen I would be in there helping them unless they needed something at the store then I would be there..lol
I’ve cooked for my whole high school class, sauce with meatballs and pigfeet and the works.
I am feeding my friends continuously until they yell at me “enough”! lol
I would say my chicken soup and spaghetti sauce is just like my moms, oh and my lentil soup.
I am a home cook that cooks nearly everyday and have turned into a full-fledged foodie.
My style is lot’s of garlic and I mean lot’s and lot’s of olive oil and throw caution to the wind.
Like in the old days when I was a kid..lol

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