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Great hearty soup that fills you up with the good stuff on a below zero day!
You will need three large leeks chopped, three medium sweet white onions chopped, three heads of garlic (optional amount), six large carrots chopped, one small fennel bulb chopped, oregano, basil, one tps of sea salt and one tsp of black pepper, one bag of lentils 16 oz, olive oil, one pound of ditali pasta, parmesan cheese, one cup of chicken broth.
Start by adding a couple of dashes of olive oil to your pan..
Chop your onions and carrots and leeks, wash the leeks under cold water and drain.
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Peel your garlic and add carrots and garlic and onions and leeks and fennel to the pan and let it simmer low
11813 017 11813 019
Add your spices and chicken broth and turn up the heat.
11813 020 11813 023
Add your lentils last and let simmer low for one hour.
11813 022 11813 021
11813 026 11813 025
Boil your water for the pasta and lower your flame on the lentils.
Add your pasta and cook until el dente and drain.
11813 027 11813 029
Plate your pasta and lentils and add a dash of olive oil and parmesan cheese.
11813 037 11813 039

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