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There is a restaurant tucked away in Chinatown NYC where they make and cook wonton and noodles in the window facing the street. It is fascinating to watch how quickly they fill the wonton and close them up with machine like precision.
010813 003 010813 002
You will need a pound of turkey chop meat, a pound of chicken sausage, 6 mushrooms finely chopped.
one egg, 1/4 cup of soy sauce, 1/4 cup of oyster sauce, two tablespoons of grated ginger, five tbsp of Chinese five spice powder, two tsp of ginger powder, one bunch of scallions, two packages of wonton wrappers, one bunch of Bok choy, two cups of chicken broth.
The first thing you should do is bring a large pot of water on to boil and take the chop meat out of the package and the sausage out of the casings and put it in a bowl add all the spices and the soy sauce and oyster sauce and mix well.
010813 006 010813 009
010813 012 010813 013
Cut your scallions fine and cut your mushrooms very fine and add to the mix.
010813 016 010813 017
010813 018 010813 019
010813 020 010813 021
Stir well and grate your ginger and put in fridge for 1/2 an hour, wash and cut your Bok choy and add to the boiling water.
010813 024 010813 025
Lay out your wonton wrappers on a large clean cutting board and brush your wonton wrappers with an egg wash.
010813 027 010813 045
010813 044 010813 043
With a teaspoon fill the middle of the wonton wrapper. I overstuff them.
010813 029 010813 036
Now fold them into a into a triangle and add a bit of the egg wash on the corners.
010813 037 010813 057
010813 062 010813 061
Fold over one side and fold over the other and pinch tightly.
010813 058 010813 059
010813 060 010813 040
010813 063 010813 051
Take your Bok choy out of the water and drain, now add your wonton to the boiling water for ten minutes and no longer.
010813 055 010813 056
Add your hot chicken broth to a bowl and add your wonton and Bok choy and top with scallions.
010813 066 010813 070
010813 072 010813 075
010813 078 010813 077
You can also have them dry with a dipping sauce, I like oyster sauce for dipping,
010813 080 010813 079

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