When I was a teenager I used to work in a real NYC Jewish Luncheonette cutting potatoes and onions and doing most of the prep work in the greasy kitchen. I had a real bird’s-eye of the front and everything that went on every day and let me tell you it was a real Fellini film.The front was jammed all the time at the counter with lot’s and lot’s of hungry people, this was a very busy place and you could not shred the potatoes quick enough in this joint. So this the recipe for the hash browns that were made there, who can forget? lol
kitchen scan0022_1
You will need 3 large potatoes, I used Yukon gold but you can use what you have, it is great to try a different type of potatoe each time you try this recipe. One large onion, salt, black pepper, 4 tbsp of olive oil, one tsp of butter.
Clean and shred all your potatoes on a paper towel, when you are done you must squeeze the water out of them in your hands over the sink and put them on the side.
1613 001 1613 002
1613 003 1613 004
1613 004 1613 005
1613 007 1613 008
After squeezing all the water out of the potatoes you chop your onions fine.
You can also shred them but that is a different recipe all
1613 010 1613 009
Add your olive oil and butter to your skillet and turn up the flame to high.
Once the oil is hot add your potatoes, five minutes later add your onions.
1613 011 1613 012
Let them hang out on the top for a couple of minutes before you stir, add your salt and pepper to taste.
Cook until golden brown and potatoes are soft and greasy looking, then you know you have NYC luncheonette home fries. Take a baby aspirin and
1613 014 1613 014

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