Nothing like some creamy cheesy hot sausage one dish champagne risotto on a very cold evening.
This is a great meal to make especially after you have some left over champagne from a party!
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You will need two cups of risotto, three onions, 4 cloves of garlic, one cup of chicken stock, one cup of water, one can of artichoke hearts, Asiago cheese, Parmesan cheese, Romano cheese, black pepper, sea salt, oregano, chopped rosemary, butter, olive oil, any champagne, one package of hot sausage.
Chop your onions and garlic fine and add 3 tablespoons of olive oil to your pot.
Add two tablespoons of oregano and two tablespoons of chopped rosemary and one teaspoon of black pepper and sea salt, stir well and do not let it burn.
1313 013 1313 012
Once onions turn translucent remove from pot and put on side.
Take your sausage out of their skins and cut up to bite size pieces and fry in separate pot until the sausage is crispy brown and put that one the side.
1313 017 1313 020
Now drain your artichoke hearts and cut up into small bite size pieces and put them on the side.
1313 015 1313 016
Add a tablespoon of olive oil to your pot and heat up and add your risotto and stir for 7 minutes continuously.
1313 022 1313 023
After 7 minutes add your champagne and watch it sizzle and lower your heat.
1313 024 1313 025
After 5 minutes add your onions and artichokes to the risotto.
1313 026 1313 027
Stir and add half of your chicken stock and adding the rest slowly as the stock gets absorbed.
1313 030 1313 031
The  trick to this dish is to make sure the risotto does not become mushy so that is why you add the liquids slowly as needed.
Once the risotto softens a bit add a half of a stick of butter and sausage, and add your water slowly.
1313 033 1313 034
Keep tasting thru every process and when the risotto is at the right bite remove from heat and add your cheese and stir well.
1313 036 1313 035
Now plate and add cheese on top, besides how wonderful this tastes you are going to love the way your house smells after cooking this!
1313 042 1313 038

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