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Today it is Sicilian stuffed mushrooms,fried artichoke hearts and stuffed shrimps, its Italian finger foods!
It is easy because you use the same stuffing for both mushrooms and shrimps.
IMG_0292 IMG_0298
You’ll need 2 packs of giant mushrooms for stuffing, bread crumbs, two onions, one head of garlic, oil cured olives, oregano, black pepper, crushed rosemary, red pepper, olive oil, white wine,five pounds of extra-large shrimp, three cans of artichoke hearts,Romano cheese, Parmesan cheese, Asiago cheese,flour.
Chop onions fine and the stems of the mushrooms and cop olives and put them on the side.
In a skillet add 1/4 cup of olive oil and turn up heat.
IMG_0299 IMG_0303
Add your onions and mushroom mixture and chopped olives to the skillet until onions turn translucent.
Now add a half of a teaspoon of crushed rosemary and a half of a teaspoon of red pepper flakes.
Turn up the flame higher and add a half of a cup of white wine and add a dash of black pepper and a teaspoon of oregano.
IMG_0310 IMG_0313
Now it is time to make the toasted bread crumbs, in a separate pan add a half of a nice swig of olive oil and heat up, add one cup of flavored bread crumbs and mix well, be careful because they can burn very easy!
IMG_0317 IMG_0322
Lower heat and stir until brown and add toasted bread crumbs to the onion and mushroom mixture.
Now add 1/4 a cup of each of the cheeses to mixture and turn off flame.
1113 050 IMG_0326
Put it on the side and let it cool off, when the mixture is cool enough for you to touch take a bunch in your hand and make a little meatball shape by rolling it in your hands and place the ball in each mushroom and press.
Add a dash of olive oil over the mushrooms and cover with plastic wrap and put them in the fridge.
IMG_0327 IMG_0331
Now clean your shrimp and flatten them out and put them in a large baking dish.
Add a teaspoon of the stuffing mixture on the shrimp and roll them add a dash of olive oil and put them in the fridge.
IMG_0334 IMG_0335
You can use toothpicks after you roll them to help them stay together.
Now drain your artichoke hearts and dry with paper towels.
In a bowl add flour and black pepper and mix well, add your artichoke hearts to the flour and in a separate bowl beat five eggs.
Dip the artichoke hearts in the eggs and then into a bowl of bread crumbs.
1113 068 1113 069
In a frying pan add 1/4 cup of olive oil and heat then add artichoke hearts to the hot oil and brown on both sides.
1113 071 1113 073
Now drain on a couple of paper towels.
1113 077 1113 078
Pre heat oven to 400, bake your mushrooms for a good 30 minutes or until golden brown.
1113 087 1113 086
You bake your shrimps for 15 minutes, so it is best to put mushrooms in first.
1113 085 1113 081
Whoopee I didn’t use toothpicks and the shrimps held together!

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