Brava, meatballs

anna_mag  Anna Magnani
My mom’s Italian meatballs recipe, no pork and no beef, what?
I can’t believe my mom would cook meatballs without beef and pork..
They are damned good and you really can’t tell the difference.
You start with one pound of turkey chop meat and one pound of chicken sausages.
Two eggs, salt, pepper, oregano, basil, Romano cheese, Asiago cheese, Parmesan cheese, Italian bread.
Bread crumbs, olive oil.
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Slice the sausages in half and take out of casings and mix with turkey chop meat in a big bowl.
Add the two eggs and two tablespoons of oregano and two tablespoons of dried basil.
A dash of salt and two teaspoons of black pepper.
In another bowl take half of an Italian bread and soak in hot water and drain good.
Now add the bread and a half of a cup of the Asiago and a half of cup of Romano and a half a cup of Parmesan and also 1/4 of a cup of bread crumbs to the chop meat mixture and mix well.
Cover and refrigerate for two hours.
Take your mixture out of the fridge and get another bowl add some bread crumbs.
Roll your meatballs in golf sized balls or bigger if you like.
In a large skillet add a half of a cup olive oil and heat at medium.
122812 077  122812 073
Add your freshly rolled meatballs to the hot oil and do not over crowd the skillet.
122812 075  122812 082
Brown on both sides and make sure they do not burn.
Pay attention because meatballs can easily burn.
122812 108 122812 107
Take out and drain on paper towels and add to your marinara sauce and it’s done.
122812 121  122812 131
Boil a pot of water for your pasta and add some salt.
122812 135 122812 141
Plate and add cheese and Mangia!
122812 145 122812 143
Brava Brava Brava!

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