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Of course something with lot’s of parmesan Reggiano cheese!
I gotta look in the fridge for something exciting, I found some nice heads of broccoli.
Yes that is it, broccoli and pasta with tons of garlic and hot pepper and tons of parmesan.
Very easy menu and blood thinning good! you will need 4 heads of broccoli and 3 heads of garlic,hot pepper flakes, extra virgin olive oil, chicken stock, pasta and salt.
Cut and wash broccoli.
122012 033  122012 036
Get a meat tenderizer and smash all three heads of garlic, add garlic to your pot with 1/4 cup of extra virgin olive oil.
122012 038  122012 042
Add a teaspoon of hot pepper flakes, saute garlic for 5 minutes
122012 050   122012 058
Then add broccoli and mix well for another 10 minutes and lower flame.
122012 064  122012 065
In the meantime start boiling your water for the pasta and shaving some parmesan cheese.
When the water boils add the pasta and cook till al dente!
Add chicken stock to broccoli and cover once again.
122012 071  122012 079
Drain pasta, shut off gas for broccoli and plate pasta and broccoli and add cheese.
122012 078  122012 083
This dish is easy to make with few ingredients and It is deliciously hot and savory and flavorful all at the same time!

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