Tonight it’s duck breast with sweet wine sauce and sushi rice and broccolini!

121412 002

It is the perfect night for some duck breast with a sweet wine sauce.
Take the duck breast out of package and dry with a paper towel, skin side up on a cutting board and take a very sharp knife and score the skin in a crisscross pattern but not cutting into the flesh of the duck.
Lightly season with sea salt and coarse black pepper on both sides.
121412 006  121412 007
Now it is time to prepare the sweet wine sauce.
Pour one cup of any red wine of your liking and one teaspoon of agave nectar and one teaspoon of liquid sugar in the raw.
Put on Medium heat and stir occasionally until thickened, put that on the side.121412 010  121412 018
Start your flame on low and put the duck skin side down in a cast iron dry pan.
121412 012  121412 024
Put the water up for the sushi rice, it is usually two cups of water for one cup of rice.
And watch it as you can see by my pics that it can boil over if you are not paying attention.
What a mess!
121412 015 121412 022
Turn the duck breast when the duck fat has melted out into the pan and it is turning brown.
Cook it another 10 minutes flesh side down, cooking time depends on your preference for medium or well done.
You cannot get salmonella from duck like you can with chicken, so eating it rare is a good thing.
Take the duck breast out and put on a cutting board let it rest for five minutes.
121412 028   121412 025
Now it is time to wash the brocchlini and put into a steam bag and put in microwave for 4 minutes and it’s done.
Pour some extra virgin olive oil over the broccolini with some sea salt.
Slice the duck breast as thick or thin as you like plate and add the wine sauce over it.
I also put the wine sauce over the rice, It’s amazing, yum yum yum!

121412 029

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