12/12/12 Barbecue chicken and herb roasted potatoes for dinner

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Tonight was a pretty easy dinner,barbecue chicken and herb roasted potatoes.
I cut a whole chicken in half, which is not for the squeamish but you get used to it after like 50 chickens..lol
You cut out the back bone with your chicken scissor and you save it and freeze it for chicken soup.
My niece could not and would not clean a chicken and she would bring it to my moms house for her to cut and clean.
I can’t figure out how she would cook it for her family when she got home without touching it..lol
Ok back to my story, I heated a cast iron pan with about five tablespoons of olive oil and layed the two pieces of chicken skin down for ten minutes.
Then turn it over for another five minutes, in the meantime have your oven preheated at 550.
Put your two pieces of chicken in an oven safe pan and pour your barbecue sauce on top of them until they are completely covered, put in oven and set your oven timer for 45 minutes.
Turn down oven to 400 after 10 minutes.
chickss1    chickss5  IMG_2586
Now it is time to cut the potatoes and coat them with olive oil and herbs and get them into the oven 15 minutes after the chicken.
So cut the potatoes up in small cubes (I like yukon gold for this receipe) place potatoes in baking pan with olive oil.
I have been using 365 olive oil from Whole foods, it’s tasty and cheap.
I think I use at least 4 bottles of olive oil a month which can be very expensive, so if you find one that is modest in price and maximum on taste then go for it.
You can use whatever spices turn you on but I use oregano, black pepper, and something sweet and tangy with some crushed pepper or a pepper blend.
Mix well pop in oven for 30 to 35 minutes until crispy.

chicks22    IMG_2555  IMG_2589

Take the chicken out of the oven with the potatoes and voila, dinner is served.
Total time 1 hour, clean up time, pls don’t ask..lol

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